KPAC Theater KeralaThis began as a private project, powered by a need to create a digital legacy for our future generations, more in the form of a meaningful bookmark that defined the social evolution of a State in the Indian subcontinent.

Though it has become difficult to devote my complete energies into this in the current scenario, I try making the best use of my available time and resources collated at hand, and try re-interpreting and serving the information in a way that makes this whole effort worthwhile.

Please do not send in requests  for complete free download bundles of the song clips that will be featured here, as every single cent that can be earned from the rights of those, along with other copyrighted publications of KPAC’s creations in the market, are desperately needed to keep the institution alive for another day.

Every single photograph or historical document of reference that have been depended on in this project have been graciously gifted by the KPAC Admin Committee whose support continue to be the driving source of energy and inspiration behind a venture of this nature.

I look forward to your contributions, corrections and perspectives in this effort of paying tribute to the World’s Most Powerful People’s Theatre Movement.


KPAC Soman.


2 comments on “About

  1. I think KPAC should continue to contribute to the social evolution of our state using new internet media. It should make short videos(with themes like AIDS awareness, Mullaperiyar, Corruption etc) and share it online. We Malayalis are now sharing santhosh pundit’s videos and he’s earning a lot for each of our clicks. If KPAC goes in this direction, it can generate revenue and reach to masses.

    • Dear Hari,
      Apologies for not replying to you sooner. From the interactions that I have had with the KPAC core team/group over the past one year, embracing new technology and regaining popularity and mileage through social media, via a drawn-out and efficient media plan is not something that is on their priority list. Their priorities right now still revolve around putting together theater productions that are ‘in tune ‘ with the current [commercial (!)] sensibilites and shoring up their ‘financial defenses’ more than anything else. I was given to understand that recent explorations in integrating the KPAC Theater with mainstream academic courses in performing arts have left them badly burnt ( which was also forseen as a revenue generator) but sadly didn’t work out the way they wanted.Embracing new technology and reaching out is the way forward as you rightly said, but I guess it will take some time..Thanks..KPAC Soman

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