Thoppil Bhasi | A Profile

Branded a Subversive and a Wanted Man by the government, he was on the run and went underground during the period of 1948-52, as a top priority suspect in the infamous Shooranad Incident, with a Rs 1000 bounty on his head.

KPAC | The Origins

There are actually3 versions on the genesis of KPAC but Punalur N Rajagopalan Nair, one of the patriarchs of the socio-cultural movement that heavily leaned on the socialist principles that was sweeping the land in the 50’s and the 60’s, categorically lays all doubts to rest in an article that appeared in the tribute magazine brought out in honor of Thoppil Bhasi, the ‘Face’ of KPAC.


Moving on from its cultural twilight zone

Moving on from its cultural twilight zone

Though it had always been a short ride from my home, it is only now, at a place in time where you learn to appreciate and honor the cultural movements that shaped our current explorations in art , that the gravitas of this humble group of buildings finally dawn upon me.